Week 9 Nutrisystem Review #NSNation #Ad

Happy first day of summer! 9 weeks of  Nutrisystem complete!  This week I stuck to my slow and steady approve and tried to keep myself in situations where I was too tempted. The scale did not move too much this week. Nothing really to report other than feeling better overall.

This week I tried to deal with my diet soda addiction. Can you say tough! I know that if I knock this habit, I will see the benefits on the scale. I have been replacing my sodas with Nutrisystem protein shakes and with lots and lots of water! I notice the difference in my tummy area already!


Hopefully this week I can break through my plateau and see the scale make some moves. Either way I am very happy with this program. I love how little I have to think about food since it is all ready for me. The less I think the better results, lol. Does that make any sense? If I think too much about food then I want to make bad choices. With Nutrisystem, I already know what I am eating all day so there is not thinking involved… thats just what I need.

Anyone out there have any advice on how to stick to a diet through the summer months?

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In exchange for my time, I did receive complementary product from Nutrisystem. All my opinions remain 100% my own.

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