Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day DIY Pampering

Staying at home on Valentine’s Day can be wonderful if you just take the time to prepare a bit of luxurious pampering for yourself. Here are our budget-friendly tips for celebrating on a budget:

-Draw a hot bath and soak – it’s the perfect way to clear your mind and reconnect with the place inside you that knows everything is about love.

-Rub your feet – or have your sweetie help you out with that – but either way use a dab of coconut oil and take 15 minutes to massage your feet and thank them for all that they do!

-Light a candle – whether it’s in the bathtub or after the children are in bed sit quietly and watch a single flame. It’s a surefire way to go inside to your own, private “room” and relish in what’s truly important in this life – LOVE!


Special thanks to those who partnered in this Valentine’s Day photo shoot:

Rose Petals: FiftyFlowers

Photography: Brittany Hodgins


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