Tarte Make-Up Product Tester (Expired)


Apply to become a product tester for Tarte Cosmetics. You’ll have the chance to test products for free! Come on, how can a girl refuse free make-up!

Look for the survey link in the right hand corner.

Thanks Free Sample Freak!

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  1. Alidda Peoples says:

    I love make up. Im looking forward to testing your products

  2. Kenya Sims says:

    I’m looking forward to testing Tarte products.

  3. I would live to try this out

  4. Michelle says:

    I would love to try Tarte products I am looking for more lighter natural look than Mac.

  5. Tarte is one of my favorite brands ever, they make the best products it would be awesome to get some of them for free and I would be happy to review them and help out in any way!

  6. I have cosmetic party’s all the time we try new stuff to see if its something that we would buy I would like to try tarte because I haven’t found products that I love yet

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