Sweethearts Candy Box Frame

Candy Box FrameHere is a simple and sweet craft for your little ones just in time for Valentine’s Day.

My son made me one of these last year and it has a permanent spot on the fridge. I cherish it and think it such a creative gift.


  • Individual Sweetheart conversation heart boxes with clear, cellophane heart cut-out on front; enough for each child
  • small photo of each child,
  • strip of self adhesive magnets
  • tape

Simple Steps for Making a Sweethearts Candy Box Frame:

  • Start with an empty box of conversation hearts (w/ the clear heart on the front)
  • Take individual pictures of each child or have a couple handy. Cut the child’s picture out and insert it into the box so that it will show through the heart shape window in the front.
  • Tape the picture to the inside of the box to secure it.
  • Add a strip of self-adhesive magnet to the back of the box and this makes an adorable refrigerator magnet and great keepsake.
  • Glue some of the candy hearts on the box to decorate if desired.
  • You may want to tape the top of the box shut to protect and secure the picture.

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