Super Simple Slime Recipe

Slime recipe

So it is a bit muggy outside today for my liking… so I thought maybe an indoor craft would be in order. My kids have been asking to create slime so I headed over to Pinterest in hopes to find a simple slime recipe.

You all know me by now. I had to look for something fun yet simple since I am not the most crafty mom on the block! I found this simple recipe for slime and thought let’s go for it. Crossed my fingers that it would not be a disaster and hoped for the best.

Here is what I found in case you want to give it a try as well. breaks the process down step by step for us and even has pictures!

All you will need is:

1 teaspoon borax powder
Elmer’s Glue (clear or white)
food coloring
You can't do that on televisionThis craft brings me straight back to my childhood! I am thinking of Slimer from the Ghostbusters, You Can’t Do That on Television, and Double Dare from Nick. Perfect for my boys and simple enough for me! Plus way cheaper than buying something similar in the store.
By the way, I decided to google Slimer just for old times sake and man, I did not realize how ugly that guy was. I definitely could not find a “cute” picture to share with you all. Why do I remember him as cute? Isn’t that odd?


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