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If you have text messaging on your cell phone and you don’t mind using up some of your text messages to get two free samples you can get these:

Here a link to check out ShopText if you have never heard of this site before.

 ShopText Samples%catagory

(Standard text messaging charges do apply.)

I got these from Seventeen mag
Text PEARL to 467467 to get a free sample of Tampax Pearl


Text the word OUTSMART to 467467 to get a free sample of lip balm.                                                                                                           You will get a reply asking to enter a UPC code.
UPC code:73010006904

If you have done a ShopText message before then they will not ask for any other info but if this is your first time then they will ask some follow up questions so that they know where to ship your samples.

 ShopText Samples%catagory

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