Turn an Old T-shirt Into a Reusable Shopping or Grocery Bag

Upcycled T-Shirt BagI’m stacking up summer projects to do with the kids and this super easy sewing project is on the list.  This easy and “green” craft comes from Martha Stewart’s web site and is a simple sewing project for kids and a great way to slim down Dad’s old t-shirt pile! Let the kids learn to sew and turn some old t-shirts into a reusable grocery bag. I love the idea since I am always looking for a bag to take with my shopping.

Take a look at the craft here. It only takes a minute or two of sewing which makes it a perfect project for kids. Use at home, give as teacher gifts or use to “wrap” birthday presents. And it’s also a cute way to help out the environment and to reuse things we already have around the house.




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  • I love that idea and I think it would work great. If you are worried about it being strong enough maybe try using two shirts…maybe with contrasting colors? That would probably be strong enough to hold groceries. I have so many tshirts I should give it a whirl.

  • I made three of those last summer. I just stitched across the bottom two-three times to make the seams extra strong. I made them out of my husband’s big comfy shirts and so they turned out simply HUGE…so not so practical for a grocery shopping expedition, but AWESOME for hauling big loads of clothes, sporting equipment, etc. If I made any more I would probably make them out of childrens or juniors sized tees and possibly square off the bottom so I could reinforce it with either a cloth-covered cardboard or some fabric reinforced with super thick fusible interfacing. I’d probably pick quirkier tees as well, as the ones I made were solid colored and kinda boring!! 😛

  • I’m a new follower from . Love this idea! It’s simple so even a novice seamstress (ha!) like myself could probably do it. 🙂

  • What a great idea! I don’t. Have a sewing machine either, but I may try by hand. Not sure what I would use the bags for, but I am pretty sure my girls would love this! Thank you for sharing!


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