Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse

My oldest asked me if we were prepared if there were to be a zombie attack…

Ummm… No?

How does one prepare for that?

I told him maybe we should look into starting to build up our food storage.

He seemed ok with that idea. Phew! I dodged that bullet! He decided we should develop a plan. I agreed but I suggested we start small especially since we do not have much room to store a lot of supplies an the chance that zombies will attack any moment is quite small…I hope!

I also suggested he stop playing Plants vs. Zombies for a couple days…weeks or months! Lol!

Here is our plan:

Step 1 – Set a goal
We decided we did need a full year of food right away nor do we have room for it! We will build gradually through coupons and deals of coarse! We will start small. My son thought a month would be good to start and when we reach that we can try for more.

Step 2 – What the heck do we need to survive? Find out!
When I first started looking into food storage it was overwhelming. Ok talk about overwhelming! Where do I start? I did a simple Search on google for Food Storage calculator and calculated how much food and water we needed for one month and we were all se

Step 3 – Make Sure Your Supply Stays Fresh

Last thing you need is for the apocalypse to come and all your food to be expired. What a waste of all your hard work! Make sure to rotate out your food and keep track of expiration dates. As Wikipedia states:

“If good food storage guidelines are followed, using and replenishing your food storage should become a commonplace, everyday activity, as normal as preparing meals. Although it does require an initial investment to stock a pantry, eventually it becomes the most economical and convenient way to live. Instead of going to the store when you need something and paying full price for it, you can go to your storage room or pantry to get what you need. Then you replace it next time it is on sale.”

So there you have it. Our simple plan to avoid starving when zombies are after us. My 5 year old is satisfied and actually I am pleased with the plan.

Any suggestions or tips?


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