A Mother’s Guide To Surviving An Amusement Park

A family fun day at an amusement park with small children and a baby takes some planning. A little thought and preparation ahead of the trip will help moms pull off the day with less stress. Young children about four years old and older may consider a day at a kiddie park the highlight of the summer. Moms love to give the older children an outing to a theme park that they will enjoy even if their youngest child is still in arms, and these seven strategies can help make the trip a success:

1. Choose a Small Park

Large theme parks are thrilling, and they are wonderful destinations for when all the children are older. When the family has toddlers and babies, smaller amusement parks equipped mainly with kiddie rides are much more ideal. Of course, the park may have a few roller coaster rides to please the older children.

2. Check out Park Amenities

The amusement park should have a changing table in the restrooms and picnic tables where mothers can sit awhile with their babies and youngsters. Lockers are also helpful. So many items must come along with a baby, and the day will go better if all the items do not have to remain in tow while making the rounds of the rides.

3. Research about the Food

Moms should research what kinds of foods are available within the park grounds. Also, they should discover what the rules are regarding bringing in food. Most of the time, food brought in for children and babies is permitted. Many small parks only provide snacks like funnel cakes, ice cream and cotton candy.

4. Packing for the Day

Besides food, moms will want to pack carefully for the hot day in the sun. Bottled water is essential as well as sunscreen and first aid for cuts and bug bites. Obviously, the baby will need diapers and changes of clothing as well as beverages. Wet wipes are convenient for the entire family. Corn starch is helpful for dusting on Baby’s skin to prevent and treat heat rashes.

5. Be Early Birds

Young families can beat some of the heat and crowds by arriving when the park opens its doors. Babies especially do not do well outdoors during the heat of the day. Going first-thing and tiring out the older children by riding early keeps everyone in a better mood than trying to do rides in the sweltering heat.

6. Day and Three-Day Passes

Some parks allow people to leave the park and come back with their pass. Even better for families with small children is to purchase a three-day pass and plan to stay in the park for shorter time periods. Older children will be happier leaving if they know they can return in the cool of the evening or the next day.

7. Plan for Exiting

Wise mothers will prepare the older children for exiting early, and leaving is convenient with a pass. Moms and kids can leave when the baby gets fussy and needs a nap and return later. However if they are at a distance from home, a motel room should be booked ahead of time so they will only need to check in at the hotel’s front desk when the family needs the room.

Denver Alejandro is one of the assistant photographers at Shannon Bryant Photography. His love for photography started a young age and ever since then, he has been capturing moments.

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