Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Morning Glamour Satin Pillow Cases

signature box pinkIt is not secret that I love my sleep. My boys love to tease me about how much “beauty sleep” I need. SO this gift idea is perfect for me or any mom who loves to get her well deserved beauty sleep.

Let me introduce you to Morning Glamour  (@MorningGlamour on Twitter). Morning GlamourTM is a luxurious line of anti-aging, 100% polyester Satin Charmeuse pillow cases. A simple crease on your face leftover as the mark of a good night’s sleep can result in a deep wrinkle over time. Sleeping on satin prevents such creasing, therefore helping prevent wrinkles. Along with anti-aging benefits, Morning GlamourTM satin pillow cases do wonders for hair by preventing breakage and matting while maintaining hair’s moisture balance, which doubles as a benefit to individuals going through Chemotherapy. Morning GlamourTM products come in 6 different colors and patterns… I am patrial to the pink! A set of 2 pillow cases is $24.

Let me tell you that from experience these  pillow cases are wonderful! Very comfy and the perfect gift for that over worked mom in your life!

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