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Juice Cleanse: Here is How It Went…

life juiceA couple weeks ago, I had a chance to do a three day Life Juice cleanse. I was interested to see if the cleanse would make me feel happier and healthy, since this is my goal for the new year.

I did a lot of research online and was lead to Life Juice. Boy am I glad I found them!

Say goodbye to fatigue and those stubborn extra pounds. The 3 day juice cleanse can boost your energy, immunity, weight loss and more. By enhancing the elimination of toxins and waste stored inside the body, Life Juice’s pure vegetable and fruit juice cleanse packed with nutrients and antioxidants promotes much needed repair and rejuvenation.

Get on track towards a better, healthier you!

Each day of the Life Juice® 3 Day Juice Cleanse you enjoy:

  • Drink #1 Himalayan Sea Salt SolŽ to start each day.
  • Drinks #2-#5 an assortment of our fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juices packed with nutrients and antioxidants to energize and detoxify each day.
  • Drink #6 Spiced Almond Milk to relax and wind down from each day.
  • A large reusable Life Juice® cooler tote.
  • A small reusable lunch sac to carry your drinks with you throughout the day.
Just as your car needs regular maintenance to run smoothly, so does your body. If you consumed too much over the holidays or vacation, veered off the healthy highway, or just need to make some changes, a 3 day juice cleanse is the perfect jump-start to a healthier lifestyle.
Now for my opinion of the drinks. I will be honest this was VERY hard to do. Drinking just juice was hard for me because I have a bit of a food addiction. But after a day or so, I began to adjust. I could see my bloating going down and I was enjoying many of the drinks. I did not do this to see weight loss but I did find my body shedding a couple of those stubborn pounds.
Bodacious Bunny small
I REALLY LOVED the Bodacious Bunny Juice. Apple, Carrot, Lemon and ginger. I looked forward to this one each day. My second fave is the “Oh My Greens”drink with spinach, kale, parsley, cucumber, celery, ginger, apple and lemon.
After all was said and done, yes, I was hungry BUT I felt so much better. My body seemed to really respond and enjoy the juice cleanse. I can definitely see myself doing this every couple months just to keep my body on it’s toes!

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