Home School Moms: No Stress Planning for Field Trips

Field trips are a valuable part of any home school program because children learn through the medium of play. So much can be taught through hands-on learning allowing children to develop their senses and express their unique little personalities. This interaction encourages social skills, relaxation and a general love of life.

Photo Credit: Chris Chidsey
Photo Credit: Chris Chidsey

We believe that facilitating play beyond the classroom is vital for a rounded education. There are so many fun educational field trip ideas. From a local trip to the forest or a day trip to a museum it’s always a treat to get out of the home or classroom for a trip.

Photo Credit: Carin Araujo
Photo Credit: Carin Araujo
Photo Credit: Channah
Photo Credit: Channah

We’ve heard from our home school mom community that organizing field trips can be headache.  Especially if it’s part of a home school group and you need to get permission slips back and all of the paperwork returned promptly. Some groups obtain a general permission slip for trips within a certain radius. Sending out these letters at the beginning of term can save time because you don’t have to send out permission slips for each trip.  Who needs more paperwork?

When planning a field trip, be sure to try and give parents plenty notice of what they need to supply. Compile a comprehensive kit list.  Sending (reasonably) frequent reminders is a good idea in the lead up to the trip. A weekly update could be useful to make sure the children are all sent with everything they need.

Now may be the time to make sure your group communication is up-to-date in their efforts with digital communications. Email is a great way to communicate with parents and has the bonus of saving paper too! If you’re trying to reduce your educational establishments carbon footprint this essential. Services like MailChimp are an excellent tool for keeping in touch with your mailing list. You can view useful statistics: like who is engaging with your posts or even just opening the email!

If you have a Facebook page, don’t rely on everyone who has liked your page seeing all your posts.  Facebook algorithms  that place posts on your timeline according to what you have liked and looked at in the past. Facebook geared to make money from businesses and rely on paid advertising and sponsored posts. The revenue gained from advertising finances the site so it is free for non-commercial users. You’ll be lucky if as many as 20% of those who have “liked” a page see all or any of the posts in their timeline. Keep everyone informed with more reliable methods, although it doesn’t hurt to have the information there too.

Need volunteers? Make sure you have them arranged well in advance, and have reserves. Especially if the volunteers are essential for adult to child ratio purposes. Real life has a way of interfering with even the best laid plans. Don’t leave anything to chance!

Have you got any tips or ideas for planning a great field trip? Please do share them below!


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  • […] Field trips can always be the cause of a lot of worries. Sure, they’re your own kids, and you’ll do all you can to protect them. But it is still difficult to juggle the different activities to intend to complete as well as making sure learning is taking place. Smaller children can be over-excited about the change of venue, and be determined to engage in activities you’re not so keen on! So what happens when you add another family or two to the mix? […]

  • Hello and thanks for your comment. I myself have a “runner” and am always worried about losing my child when we’re out and about. For me personally, it’s been easier to keep track when we are with another family. Somehow the kids seem to cling together!


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