Free Anti-Bullying Bracelet at Aeropostale

Free BraceletIn honor of National Bullying Prevention Awareness month, Aéropostale has teamed up with STOMP Out Bullying™, a national anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization supported by Nick Cannon to help drive awareness.

Aéropostale has created 750,000 anti-bullying bracelets; a colorful cloth bracelet, which will be handed out at Aéropostale stores in the United States and Canada beginning TODAY!  You are encouraged to pick up a free bracelet at their local store and be a part of the fight to stop the harassment.

Each bracelet is adorned with a powerful message – “Stop the Drama, End the Hate, STOMP Out Bullying.”


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Sara Breuninger is a wife, a mom to 2 jokers also known as my little boys (a 8 year and 5 year old), blogger, and a Special Education High School teacher.


  1. I’d love to have this one in like…..ASAP. :)

  2. i wish i could get a free bracelet in the mail for anti bullying

  3. I want to stop bully’s!!! And I would love a free anti bullying bracelet!! :)

  4. I would love to have a anti bullying I could so all the young kids in my community that there are laws against bullying and stop the fighting…. My daughter had some issues with being bullied, it came to her having to fight her first fight because of the issues . She hated it
    An was extremely scared. I never want any of my children going threw tht again. Or anyone else for that matter… Thnx Angee

  5. Wish we could bullying bracelets or anything for our group …we are trying to get word out and help stop the bullying in our county …If anyone knows of any good sites to get stuff from cheap-free PLEASE let me know

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