Free 12 pack of Coke for Coke Rewards Members

coa_0854bLogin in to your Coke rewards account and you may be lucky to find a reward for a coupon for a free 12 pack . You have to redeem the reward on that login so make sure to get it! I received an email to let me know about this freebie so you may get it too so be on the look out. I recommend just logging in to see if it is waiting for you! Good luck!

This freebie may only be available through the email so look for that in your email box – It is titled “Free 12 pack – Just for you”. Let me know if you are able to get the coupon without the email so I can update the post.



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  1. Where do I look for it, once logged in….?

  2. For me it popped up when I logged in … I am going to investigate.

  3. Hm, I got a screen that said “Our gift to you is 50% off rewards this holiday season.” I wonder if there are different rewards for different members …

  4. I got a free 20 oz in my email… I wish it was a free 12 pack!!

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