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I have only recently discovered the world of the loyalty card and reward programs at stores I frequent the most. I never really paid attention until I started to get enough points that I could actually cash them in. We have racked so much at Petco for example that we get coupons for $3 or more off kitty food as well as entire bags of food for free. Petco has a very generous rewards program. So it’s like major savings. Same thing at Ralph’s and Von’s, our local grocery store chain. We often receive tons in valuable coupons from them that start to add up to quite a bit of savings. Needless to say with an expanding family these extra dollars start to add up fast. Thank you inventor of rewards programs!

So now I have been on the hunt to participate in as many rewards programs I can. I also never remember to bring the cards all along with me and sometimes it gets tricky to keep track of them. I’m not very organized when it comes to such complicated matters.

I’m telling you this because I have been introduced to a new card that will allow you to consolidate all of the rewards programs you belong to and manage them from one site which is a huge help for those like me who like to stream line their life. It’s called the LOC card.

The LOC Card will allow you to have a single loyalty card to enroll into participating merchant loyalty programs with a single swipe or scan of the card. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to use to manage all of the merchant loyalty programs you belong to and review the status of rewards in all of your programs.

When the LOC Card is swiped for the first time with a new merchant it will automatically enroll you into the merchant’s loyalty program.  No forms or registration are required.  The merchant will then communicate back the LOC site any rewards or special offers that you have accumulated, all this without requiring you to share any personal or private information.  If you already belong to a merchant’s loyalty program, you will be able to link your existing brand loyalty number to your LOC card, and then you have one less card to carry in your wallet or on your key chain.

The cards are free and there is no cost to enroll. They will be available at participating merchants soon. The company is currently in discussions with merchants and a list of them will be available soon. It’s a relatively new things and very cool as far as I am concerned. Check them out at to find out more.

Oh and I almost forgot… The Loc Card is having a giveaway on their Loc Card Facebook page and are currently celebrating their launch by holding a contest called SHOW US YOUR CARDS where 3 people will win a $50 Visa gift card. All you have to do is take a picture of all your rewards programs cards and upload it to enter. Easy peasy!

Go learn more about them. This is a great idea! Follow them on twitter page

Here is a video about how The LOC Card works: 

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