Healthy kids are happy kids. Healing foods and clean eating is 80% of our success. In a perfect world our kids would have a nutrient dense diet based mainly on proteins and fresh vegetables. None of us need sugar! And many of us don’t need grains or dairy. But most of the food we see in the world contains sugar. It’s very confusing for kids!! They’re constantly exposed to crackers, cookies, candies and it’s easy for those to become their favorite foods. We’re on a mission to raise healthy eaters that know not to choose those foods so they can feel good and thrive! It seems today that health issues are expected to be solved with a pill or surgery but often times neither of those work and that’s when we realize we need to start with diet. Most folks won’t argue this point but the three big questions we get are 1) can we learn to prepare clean meals that will be yummy and satisfying, 2) how do we do it on a budget? and 3) can we occasionally splurge on the junk foods we know and love?


Sky Jello

This is my type of recipe because all you need is blue jello and cool whip, oh and a fancy glass adds to the fun! Not only is it stunning but simple and yummy...


Fish Bowl Jello

I saw this and I knew I needed to try it. This Fish Bowl Jello is the color of the “water” and the fish, fit right in to summer fun yet the whole recipe is...


Best Game Ages 2-8

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