Keeping the kids busy, happy and enriched without spending frivolously is my daily challenge. After school we ride bikes, bake muffins, go to the library, work in our garden, kick the soccer ball – do something active. But there comes a moment when they’re ready for some down time and if I’m not prepared with a craft project they usually ask for TV or device time. So I save all kinds of paper goods, household items, shipping materials, old fabrics/clothes, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls ANYTHING that can be used. I squirrel it away and save it for craft time. We always have art supplies (I pick up things I see on sale) so we sit at the dining room table and just create. There’s always a holiday, birthday, event, occasion coming up so that’s typically the inspiration for our project. We transform junk into decorations, cards, goofy gifts for whatever is coming up. Craft time is creative time!


Paper Bowl Jellyfish Craft

Saw these  Paper Bowl Jellyfishes on Fun Family Crafts and I had to share. They look like so much fun to make and then to display as well. I thought they...


Paper Plate Porthole Craft

Get together with  your kids and make a window to the underwater world with this fun craft! You will find step by step instructions and the needed materials...


Super Simple Slime Recipe

So it is a bit muggy outside today for my liking… so I thought maybe an indoor craft would be in order. My kids have been asking to create slime so I...


Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Got some pipe cleaners laying around? If so, I have some simple crafts for you! I made the mistake of googling pipe cleaner crafts last night and came up with...

Crafts Life

Ocean in a Bottle Craft

Looking for a fun craft for those lazy days at home when you simply can’t make it to the beach but you oh so want to be there? Why not make this Ocean in a...

Crafts Featured Holidays Life

DIY Projects for Fall

Fall is the harvest season, and, in many people’s opinions, the best one of the year! You can see rich, earthy colors everywhere and enjoy the last of...


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