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Best Game for Ages 2 to 8: Wobbly Worm {Video Toy Review}

Now here’s a game that will really get your kids moving! Wobbly Worm will have them running, jumping and even singing to their new friend. Our children love the challenge of trying to get the rings around Wobbly Worm, who never stops wiggling! Every game helps kids develop their hand and eye coordination at the same time they’re being entertained and getting their exercise.

The best part about Wobbly Worm? This toy is fun for a wide range of ages. From baby to toddler and preschool to school age kids, Wobbly Worm entertains them all. The game adjust from short to tall for varying degrees of difficulty. It’s a must-have for family get together or parties.

Wobbly Worm is so easy for children to put together themselves. Our 4 year-old twins opened the box, set it up and were playing in minutes. Oh…Mommy had already put the batteries in earlier so that is the only thing an adult will need to help with!

The game is intuitive (no need to read instructions) or you can make up your own challenges like standing in one spot versus running around in a circle and slam-dunking the rings. Our children found endless ways to enjoy Wobbly Worm and didn’t tucker out. They played for over an hour before I had to call it a night.

As you’ll see in this video, both kids felt connected to their new friend, Wobbly Worm, and wanted to give him hugs and kisses! This game is a super value at less then $20. Wobbly Worm is available now at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon and Spin Master. So grab yourself some fun and surprise the kids with Wobbly Worm today!

Thanks to our friends at Spin Master for sponsoring this toy review. All opinions are our own.



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  • I found your giveaway for Wobbly Work on Amazon… I couldn’t stop smiling, watching your beautiful kids play the game.
    I’m really excited because it’s so hard to find physical games for children around 2 years old.
    I have identical twin Grandsons that will be 2 in exactly 2 months. I just know they would love this and, thanks to you, I’ve found it and can get it for them.
    Thank you from your newest follower and very pleased MawMaw!

  • Hello MawMaw and thank you for your adorable note!! I’m smiling now thanks to you! And wow – identical twins – that’s so wonderful!! I hope they enjoy it as much as our twins do! We just played this morning!!


Best Game Ages 2-8

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