“Feeling Lucky” Monday: Link Up Your Giveaways and Enter a Ton More All in One Place!

four-leaf-clover monday

Here we are back at Monday again! I hope it is a good one for you all!

Maybe today will be our lucky day!

I have quite a few ways you can win today!

First, make sure to enter to win a copy of Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Journey CD here (ends TODAY – 3/8)

Also, enter to win a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Teacher Tales here/ This also ends TODAY 3/8. There will be three winners for this one!

Next enter to win a Wanchai Ferry “Perfect Night In” Prize Pack ($25 Target Gift Card Plus MORE!) here (ends 3/10)

Next I have links to a bunch of other sites where you can enter a lot of other blog giveaways so definitely check these sites out for a huge list of great giveaways

Lastly, List your giveaways below so we all can enter yours and then you can enter all of ours! If you are reading this post in a reader or email you will need to come over to my site to add your giveaway links and to see everyone else’s links as well.

Hopefully this way we all can start winning some of these great prizes that are out there! Please list your giveaway in this fashion – Name of your site/what you are giving away/ and the date your giveaway ends.

Also, list directly to your giveaway not your homepage.

Please & Thank You!

Happy Monday all and good luck!

Leave me a comment below if you have a giveaway round up on your blog that I can add to my list. The more the merrier!


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