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A Great Gift Idea This Father’s Day


As Father’s Day sneaks up on you once again, the annual dilemma of what gift to buy your favorite guy arises. Most dads feign appreciation for even the most useless and dismal gifts but you can tell when they’re actually pleased. Forgo the tired necktie or golf shirt and get him a gift he will use every day and be grateful for your creativity and thoughtfulness: a watch winder.a-great-gift-idea-this-father's-day

Most contemporary watches are automatic, also called self-winding. They keep working through the constant movement of your arm as you go through your day. However, if you take the watch off before sleeping, the motion stops and the watch frequently loses time. A watch winder keeps the motion going, so your watch is always accurate, even if you leave it idle for weeks or months at a time.

A watch winder is especially handy if you have more than one watch. Many people have a collection of watches they wear for different occasions. The sporty models have timers to help you keep track of your gym regime, the dressy designs complement general business attire, and expensive, top-of-the-line watches are generally reserved for formal occasions where glamour is de rigueur.

Depending on your father’s fondness for watches, choose either a single watch winder or one that keeps multiple automatic timepieces accurate when not being worn. The prices for watch winders range from $800 to $2000, and at you will see some good deals available.

Before you start shopping, decide which type of watch winder best meets your father’s needs and your budget. Functional watch winders typically hold the watch on the exterior of the winder. They should be placed on a tabletop or tall shelf to accommodate their height; multiple watch winders in this category take up quite a bit of space.

Elegant watch winders are more of a decorative conversation piece. They are usually enclosed in a leather covered or finished wood box displayed atop a desk or dresser. The most extravagant watch winders are predictably the most expensive. They come with all types of extras including heaters that mimic body temperature and built-in drawers for storage of jewelry and other small accessories. The most fancy of the high-end watch winders include atomic-clock-synchronized time displays and other high-tech features.

Other factors to consider before making a purchase include how noisy the watch winder is, which is important if it’s going to be on dad’s bedroom nightstand or dresser. You also have to know what rotation lengths his watch requires, as different winders have various rotation patterns. If the winder has too many rotations or inadequate resting periods, the watch’s movement will be compromised.

Everyone, including dads, claims to be pressed for time. Although winding a watch manually seems like a trivial task, it’s an inconvenience that can be eliminated with this handy device. A watch winder is particularly useful for watches that have multiple functions such as tracking moon phases or displaying international time zones.

Regardless of how many automatic watches your father has, a watch winder is sure to make his Father’s Day special. If you think he was excited about that golf ball washer you gave him at the turn of the century, you’ll beam when he repeatedly brings out his watch winder to show off to his friends.



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