Updated : Product Testing…So Many Links, So Little Time

product testing

Looking for free products to test? Get product testing items for free! Become a product tester for free.

This is quite a long list but if you want to try to get some stuff to review and test out for free these links are the place to start. Check these links out and see if any of these companies or websites interest you. They all have been known to send out products for their panelists to try so it might be worth your time to sign up for some of them or all of them!

Here are some free product testing opportunities.

My Favorites:________________

NEW – Ravensburger Game Testers – like to play board games? Why not test them for free!

Amazon Elite Deal Club – this one is free to join but they charge $1 for their products on Amazon. Lots of different products with lots of different values. You buy what you want and ignore the rest.

Pinchme – you have to act fast on this one. When you get an email, click fast

September 22nd Sample Tuesday Image 2

Interested in becoming a mystery shopper? Sign up for BestMark!

Chatterbox or House Party – sign up Houseparty sends you a party pack if you get selected to try new products with friends and family. These are really exciting to get.

Sign up to be an Influenster and get boxes of products to try out!

Sign up  to become an All You Reality Checker from All You magazine.

Sign up to join BzzAgent

Sign up  for MomSelect

All the Rest:_________________

Boots Product Test –  Test cosmetics, toiletries and skincare products to make sure they meet the standards before they go on the shelves in store. (Uk only)

Microsoft Playtest Gamers – you can enroll your kids to test too if you like.

Sign up  for VocalPoint

Sign up for product testing from SheSpeaks

Tide Development Team

Glam Spotters Reader Panel (through Glamour Magazine)

Minute Rice

Good Housekeeping Product Testing Panel

Marie Claire Magazine

Family Fun Reader Panel

Mead (for teachers only)


Sign up  for the Vogue Insiders

Sign up for Stylehunters Trendsetters

Sign up to be a on the Sam’s Partnership Panel

Sign up today, there’s no cost. Be a Crumcreek Ambassador

Sign up to test Brooks Shoes and Sports Wear – They are looking for runners

GHsports – athlete sign up to try out gear.

Sign up to be a Nike Product Tester

Sign up to be a New Balance Product tester

Sign up  to be part of Allure magazines expert panel to receive samples of products to try out before they even hit the stores.

Sign up to join Tryology – you must be willing to do video reviews of the products they send you.

Sign up for McCormmick Consumer Testing

Sign up here for Smile.ly

Sign up for the Coffee Mate Brew Crew.

Sign up for Johnson & Johnson’s friends and Neighbors product testing.

Sign up for the Mills Advisory Panel.

Sign up for the Pringles National Advisory Panel

Sign up to join the Kashi product testing panel

Sign up to join the Brilo Consumer Advisory Panel.


Know anymore – Let me know!

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